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Luxe Lawnscape

Additional Services

Luxe Lawnscape delivers bio-friendly turf, and landscape treatments to home and business owners in Montgomery, Texas and the surrounding region. As a leading, licensed provider, we specialize in fertilization and tree care programs. However, we also offer a wide range of other applications to ensure we are the area's one-stop solution for all lawn care needs.

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Our comprehensive suite of capabilities includes:


Compacted soil and thatch can impact the look and health of your commercial and residential turf. Luxe Lawnscape offers core aeration services in the spring or fall based on your yard's unique needs. Our aeration strategies:

  • Create a deeper, more robust root system
  • Launch healthy distribution of nutrients, water, and air beneath soil
  • Boost immunity to fight common lawn diseases
  • Minimize risk of future thatch buildup
Luxe Lawnscape's aeration services successfully prep your property for long-term, sustainable health.

Bloom Program

Luxe Lawnscape offers an innovative Bloom Program that specifically nourishes flowers and bedding plants. Our Bloom Program's natural, living material fertilizer uses the same base product found in our fertilization and tree care treatments. The Luxe team of qualified technicians will create a personalized application program that transforms soil composition, establishes a vigorous root network, and promotes brighter, more vibrant flowers.

Insects And Pests Don't Stand A Chance With Luxe Lawnscape

Luxe Lawnscape knows that your property is under constant attack from a wide range of indigenous Texas critters. That's why we provide clients access to extensive pest control services such as:

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