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Safe, Natural, & Effective Tree And Shrub Care

Flourishing trees and shrubs do more than just enhance the beauty of your residential or commercial exterior. Well-maintained plants and bushes can actually increase your property's overall value.

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Most importantly, healthy planting can defend themselves from a multitude of threats, including:

  • Drought
  • Frosts
  • Disease
  • Pests
  • Lawn traffic

At Luxe Lawnscape, we know that natural, effective tree and shrub care is essential for strong, vibrant, and sustainable landscapes. Unfortunately, many home and business owners simply don't have the time or energy needed to proactively protect their plants. We can help. As a full-service provider of lawn and landscape solutions, Luxe Lawnscape proudly provides Texas residents with an effective range of bio-friendly, living material tree and shrub services explicitly designed to fortify, protect, and preserve all of your large plantings.

Our Six-Treatment Plant Program Offers Proven Results

As a leading Texas lawn care professional, Luxe Lawnscape recognizes that, just like humans, your trees "are what they eat." That's why our six-treatment program uses only premium quality, eco-conscious tree and shrub applications to produce the nutrients found in their natural environment – it's the perfect "health food" for your plants! Our process not only optimizes results without unnecessary chemicals and toxins; it also delivers complete peace of mind that you're doing what's best for your yard, your family, and the environment.

Good Soil Supports Vigorous Growth And Sustainable Health

At Luxe Lawnscape, our plant care approach follows the same protocol as our grass fertilization program: we start with the soil. We know that enriched soil is the foundation of any thriving landscape. We introduce living material directly into the ground to support a balanced ecosystem that also:

Generates natural minerals, bacteria, and fungi where its needed most

Stimulates plant foliage

Launches shoot and root growth

Fortifies plant immune system against pests and disease

Best of all, Luxe Lawnscape offers customized services and applications based on your yard's specific needs to deliver pinnacle results. Whether used as an individual service or to complement our grass fertilization program, Luxe Lawnscape's treatments deliver the correct care and proper nutrients to your property. From shade trees and ornamental trees to ground covers and shrubs, Luxe Lawnscape will create a robust, healthy habitat where your plants can thrive.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

Luxe Lawnscapes values our clients. We make customer service our top priority on every engagement. Our landscape specialists partner with you to understand your property vision, as well as time and budget requirements, for optimal convenience from start to finish. You'll receive personalized care and attention, prompt responses, and expedited turnaround to ensure complete project satisfaction.

Luxe Lawnscape Delivers Customized Fertilization Solutions

At Luxe Lawnscape, we know that every yard has unique fertilization needs. The Luxe team will carefully assess your residential or commercial property to determine key factors such as soil composition, stress areas, pest infestations, and weeds. We use this evaluation to create a customized program to optimize success, and most importantly, maximize customer satisfaction. That's the Luxe Lawnscape difference.

Let Luxe Lawnscape Protect Your Texas Trees And Shrubs

You can trust Luxe Lawnscapes with all of your landscape needs. Contact our team today to hear more about our safe, natural, and effective tree and shrub care treatment program.

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