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Unhappy with the current condition of your lawn, but don't want to use high doses of synthetic fertilizer on your home or business property? Luxe Lawnscape, a leading provider of natural lawn and turf care applications in Texas, can help.

Meet the offer

We Offer An Effective, Safe Turf Fertilization Program

At Luxe Lawnscape, we want our clients to know what we've known for years: home and business owners do not need heavy concentrations of chemicals and harsh toxins to create a lush, beautiful, and robust lawn. We've perfected our living bio-fertilization program to naturally strengthen and revive yards throughout Texas. Our skilled and experienced team of lawn specialists applies premium quality, environmentally friendly fertilizers to deliver a healthy, thick, and gorgeous lawn that instantly enhances curb appeal and makes your property the envy of your neighborhood.

What We Offer

Luxe Lawnscape's slow-release, natural fertilization program offers several impressive benefits, including:

Increased water retention

Enhanced nutrient absorption

Improved air distribution

Controlled weeds, pests, and unwanted fungus

Elevated root stimulation

In just 8-9 annual treatments, we can optimize the year-round appearance of your lawn. Most importantly, Luxe Lawnscape can reduce the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides by up to 75%. Our treatments are even safe for bees and butterflies to promote natural pollination. Every product and application we use is designed to target and control the bugs and pests you want to eliminate, without harming the insects that are good for your yard (and our planet).

We Get To The Root Of Your Turf Care Problems

The secret to Luxe Lawnscape's fertilization success? We know that a strong, resilient property is so more than just green grass. We know inferior, nutrient-depleted soil is the #1 reason why most lawns fail. Our qualified technicians make improving soil health our top priority for long-term, sustainable results. Luxe Lawnscape's premium quality, natural fertilizers and carefully developed "compost tea" work together to:

  • Launch soil immune system
  • Attain a more natural, balanced composition
  • Increase living microorganisms
  • Stimulate growth of beneficial bacteria and fungus

Luxe Lawn's living bio fertilization approach actually delivers better results than the synthetic chemicals and toxins other providers rely on. You will love your lawn and feel good about the time you, your family, and your pets spend in your outdoor living spaces.

Luxe Lawnscape Delivers Customized Fertilization Solutions

At Luxe Lawnscape, we know that every yard has unique fertilization needs. The Luxe team will carefully assess your residential or commercial property to determine key factors such as soil composition, stress areas, pest infestations, and weeds. We use this evaluation to create a customized program to optimize success, and most importantly, maximize customer satisfaction. That's the Luxe Lawnscape difference.

Are You Ready For Peace Of Mind With Your Turf Care?

Contact the team at Luxe today to discuss your specific property vision. Our trained and qualified specialists are standing by to consult with you about the right fertilization approach for your property.

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